Vintage Bird Feeders by Local Artist Janet Johnson

We create bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and even lanterns "Firefly Lights" using vintage glass. Beautify your Patio/Garden area and feed the birds!


  • Vintage glass bird feeders
  • Hummingbird feeders
  • Vintage glass lanterns/lights

In 2017, Janet Johnson, owner of 3 J Photos, was inspired by the idea of her niece, Caitlyn Hartzell, to make bird feeders using vintage glass and other components. Caitlyn came up with this idea as one of her FFA projects. She and her dad, Ed Hartzell, made some of these feeders, which they sold in their area. Janet liked what they were doing and the quality of the product and they encouraged her to make some for our area here in San Luis Obispo. Making the feeders had, and has, its challenges, but Janet loves doing this and has received a lot of compliments from those who have seen and even bought the bird feeders.

No glue is used in the making of the bird feeders and we search for the vintage glass from areas around the State. We look for quality parts as we aim to only sell quality items.

Our first two shows were a great success as we sold all of our inventory minus one, which we sold later. We also received nice compliments from other vendors and those who sponsored the shows of our product. Additionally, from the shows, and from talking with others, she has received several requests for hummingbird feeders, which we are now making. We look forward to our upcoming shows and are looking at selling at more shows in the area.

Thank you for looking at our products and we hope to see you in the future. If you have any ideas or questions, please let us know.

~Dennis and Janet Johnsonn




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