Botanic Garden Collection from England
Botanic Garden makes everyday occasions special like an enjoyable Sunday breakfast with the family, or afternoon tea and a catch-up with friends. And this famous collection isn't just tableware: take a bit of the garden into the greenhouse on a beautiful watering can, or add a floral twist to baking with an elegant apron.

Each and every piece is still made with care, attention and love, passing through 22 pairs of hands before being ready for a home. 40 years of improving and perfecting has made Botanic Garden a wonderful collection, designed to put the enjoyment back into our busy modern day lifestyles.

Examples of Styles and Patterns


Starter Sets

Dinner Sets


Dinner Plates


Salad Plates


Cups & Saucers
Available in 7 oz. Tea Cup or 9-10 oz. Breakfast Cup



12 oz. Tankard

16 oz. Bristol

10 oz. Mandarin


Oatmeal/Soup Bowl

Soup Plate


Bread and Butter Plate

Triangle Plate


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